Myths and Facts about Green construction in Trivandrum

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December 22, 2020
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December 22, 2020

Myths and Facts about Green construction in Trivandrum

Green construction is covered in various myths and facts which makes people skeptical regarding choosing eco-friendly apartments in Trivandrum.

With climatic changes happening everyday, we get to experience the changing patterns of nature, we have become more concerned about the environment and its sustainability. Everyone wants to take part in saving the environment. Despite that, some strong mythical beliefs are always associated with green construction. VFive homes, one of the pioneering builders in Trivandrum making sustainable and environment friendly apartments is explaining various myths and facts regarding eco-friendly constructions.

Few misconceptions are so strong in Kerala, we wonder if it’s the lack of knowledge or ignoring the facts to blindly believe them. “While most of the luxury apartments in Trivandrum are following eco-friendly construction processes, some people still believe in these myths strongly”, says a civil engineer from VFive homes.

The following 5 are the most common myths people associate with such construction.

  1. Green construction is a new concept
  2. Green constructions are not aesthetically pleasing.
  3. This construction is an expensive affair.
  4. It does not help saving much.
  5. This concept cannot work in our ethnography.


None of these 5 myths have a strong logical or scientific base. Rather, such construction practice can give us factual grounds to prove these wrong.

  1. Green construction practice has been followed in India for long. In fact, the traditional construction practices always patronize green concepts. Modern technology can only provide stronger reliability to the traditional concept making the method more efficient.
  2. Green construction premium apartments in Trivandrum are one of the best aesthetically pleasing. There are innumerous examples of aesthetically beautiful buildings from across the world. So it’s pointless to blame green construction for making mediocre apartments.  
  3. People believe that construction of an eco-friendly building is expensive compared to other construction. However, the cost of installing green technologies like insulation and maintenance of hypo-thermal glass etc. induces only a lean hike. This cost can be recovered later in the form of the savings on your energy bills.
  4. Green construction in reality saves a lot of energy. They are built in such a way that air, wind and nature coexist and flow inside your apartment making the use of lights, fans and air conditioning minimal. Facts suggest that the amount of energy saved is nearly 50% and water is nearly 30%. The construction materials also help in keeping the apartment cool which helps to lower electricity bills.
  5. India houses some of the brilliant green constructed buildings. More builders are opting for green construction as the current generation is demanding environmentally friendly buildings. Many governments are offering help and assistance for builders to make considerable changes in construction pattern to suit environmental demands. Solar panel installation is one among them.


Now you know the facts and myths surrounding green constructions and myths don’t hold strong when they are busted using science and logic. The indiscriminate use of natural resources is exhausting the world every day. Green construction is widely accepted across the globe now and our ecosystem needs our attention now. Even if you are living in the most premium, luxury apartments in Trivandrum, saving the environment is the key to your wellbeing. If any of the myths is overwhelming, you can use your scientific understanding or talk with experts in building properties in Trivandrum to gain enough knowledge.


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