Independent woman looking for their first apartment

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December 22, 2020
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February 15, 2021

Independent woman looking for their first apartment

Are you an independent woman planning to own an apartment in Trivandrum? Read various tips and recommendations while you start your hunt. Irrespective of independent woman, this article will serve for anyone looking for desirable homes in Trivandrum. 


“I am from Trivandrum, and have been staying with my family for quite a long time and decided to find an apartment for myself. That sounds simple at first but finding a home for an independent woman is something different in a growing city like Trivandrum”, says Ammu, working in a multinational software company at Technopark. Just like Ammu, there are thousands of independent women trying to find their right house. This article is for those women and for everyone else to read how few women walk ahead.

“Today’s smart investor, the independent, strong woman believes in buying her first home as soon as she starts earning, instead of waiting for someone else”, she adds. Women can now easily access loan options and with sharp decision-making skills can make the right choice in buying their first home. VFive homes appreciate women who find the way ahead in life and we put forward some tips in case you need a guiding hand.


Finding a home from a million available homes is tedious. With various websites providing online options and builders seeking help from virtual reality to provide real view and experience of apartments, choosing a home has become a time consuming and exhausting job. The first thing to think when you have decided to buy a home is to fix a budget. You can talk to your bank about loan eligibility or check if the builders are offering loans.

Choose a locality considering your distance to your workplace and availability of essentials nearby. Make sure that you feel safe to travel to your home even at odd hours. In the case of Ammu, she chooses a home that is comfortably away from her parents and work. This gives privacy and a feeling of one’s home. If you are buying an apartment in Trivandrum for investment, then choose urban spaces which have higher rental change and will always be in demand.

Once you have crossed the locality find your desirable home through online or newspaper. Check builder websites for offers and discounts. You will need to spend an amount on registration, maintenance, floor rise along with the basic price indicated in the ad. Keep a dictionary handy or maybe you need to learn the real estate jargon before your hunt for a dream home in Trivandrum. Understand the terms, carpet area (the actual area of the house), super built-up area (the area including common areas), repo rates (influences the interest rate of home loans from banks), etc. before you decide on visiting a site.

Once you have found your desired home in newspaper Ad or on the Internet, you will need to get out of the office a little early to pay a visit to the site or forget your weekends. I am sure the woman reading this might have great Bargaining power. If you are not, it’s perfectly fine to ask them straight if they can drop the rate for a more reasonable amount. While you pay the first visit, do check the neighbourhood and the communities living around. Make sure the place is safe even at night, now and in future.

If you find it tough to imagine the end size of the room, you can ask the builder to show a model flat. A model flat is maintained by the builders to give potential buyers a chance to experience a finished home. This also helps you to think of space in the way you need, where does the closet go, how big should be your bed and what type of furniture best suits the aesthetics.

If you don’t own a car or scooter, make sure safe transportation is available through day and night. A telemarketing guy from the builders might contact you after you have visited the site. Ask him a detailed breakdown of various costs that sums up to the final. Do ask him your concerns and listen to their interest in helping you find the right home.

Once you have finalised on your home and stuck a sticky note of your home’s name on your desk, it’s time for some legality. Obtain all the legal documents through trusted lawyers and if you are taking a loan, your bank will help you with the documentation. Make sure that your apartment is 50-75% complete when you are signing the deal. Gives you company and assurance for your hard-earned money.

And the day is closing by to finally move to your own home. There would be a time of expected and unexpected expenses while you make it your apartment. Being independent, you might have specific interests and needs like cupboards in every room, cosy chair, kitchen options which all might cost you an extra amount while moving in. You can also add the basic requirements first and then choose to buy the other home furniture and accessories later.

A washing machine, a refrigerator, a microwave and cooking gas connection is your essential checklist for appliances. These appliances make your home stress free and help you avoid unnecessary trip outs. For a generation that experienced the covid-19, knows how important these appliances are. Adding to it, a comfortable mattress and a bed are essential when you come back home exhausted after work.

Get a good internet connection which gives an easy work-from-home experience. Something is involuntary with independent women, Security! Make sure that your home is secured well and the apartment has updated versions of security applications.

So, that’s it. Buying and setting up a home is a long, fun and disciplined process for all. Being an independent woman the journey is an experience. Making the right decisions and finding time to do the research can help you find your dream home. “Your home isn’t just a home, it’s an achievement”, says Ammu smiling.