Buying Furniture to your apartment in Trivandrum

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December 28, 2020
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February 15, 2021

Buying Furniture to your apartment in Trivandrum

Furniture makes your home more livable and gives an identity. But in today’s market, Furniture is a costly affair and one needs to carefully buy furniture for their luxury apartment in Trivandrum.

Furniture is an asset to our daily life and it is interesting to see how we live around it. They keep adding through the house when someone is getting married or someone being added to the family. Trivandrum is a big city which is growing every day. A new home in a new city requires new apartment furniture. Based on the requirements, there are multiple opportunities to buy furniture pieces in Trivandrum.


V Five homes is a trusted builder in Trivandrum. A builder who connects with every client and provides every possible property solution in Trivandrum. V Five home elaborates a few basic tips while you purchase furniture for any of the prestigious apartments by V Five Homes.

  1. Know your need
    Before you begin shopping, know the need for any furniture. That is, for some people it is significant to have few armchairs along with a dining table. These sections of homes could be used as cosy reading corners. Some others would go for big couches placed in dining halls to serve the purpose of entertainment centres because in most cases, TVs or home theatres are placed within living rooms.
  2. Personal interest/ Identity
    Consider the interest of family and consult each before buying any furniture. Otherwise, some furniture pieces have no alternatives like a bed, tables and chairs. However, here also you need to compare the room dimensions with that of furniture sizes. Space constraint may restrict you to go for large-sized furniture.
  3. Length, Breadth, Height and Weight.
    Big cities are populated and that is why more and more people are staying in small or medium-sized apartments. Thus, steps should be taken more cautiously before choosing furniture pieces. You may go for a sofa cum bed that would serve the dual purpose of sitting arrangement and resting place. Folding dining tables are available that you could keep affixed with the wall while not in use and then unfold it and use it as a dining table.
  4. Measure the doorways:
    Measure the stairwell and doorways before walking into furniture. Except for bungalows or mansions, most apartments have comparatively narrower dimensions. Even the heights of ceilings are lower.


Trivandrum is a growing city and the chances of constructing independent houses is a pricey affair. In addition, the price of properties is steep in Trivandrum therefore such big properties are almost out of the reach of the middle-class.

  1. Elevator Dimensions:
    When you are staying in apartments, it is important to consider the elevator dimension of your residence. Heavy furniture could not be lifted through the stairwell. In particular, when you stay at higher floors, furniture could be lifted through elevators only. It is important to measure the dimensions of furniture so that it could fit in within the elevator.
  2. Aesthetics
    Selecting the right furniture considering its colour, texture and longevity is very important. Otherwise, it may mar the interior decoration of your home. Do not select furniture colour that turns out to be a complete mismatch to the theme of your interior decoration.


V Five Homes provides some of the most convenient and comfortable apartments in Trivandrum. Famous for their prompt delivery, solid construction and adds amenities that matter, V Five Homes have grown to the best choice for home seekers. To provide service beyond providing a complete home, V Five Home has some of the best interior designers in Trivandrum who can suggest and make changes to your home to give the right identity. You can contact us on 0471-2323533, 90 72 666 000.