How to check for rented apartments in Trivandrum?

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February 15, 2021
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February 15, 2021

How to check for rented apartments in Trivandrum?

Finding a rented apartment in Trivandrum may be quite hectic. Read the article by V Five Homes, trusted property builders in Trivandrum on how to find a rented apartment in Trivandrum.

Trivandrum is a growing city. Every day thousands step down in the city in pursuit of new life, job and hopes. The demand for apartments is on a rise in Trivandrum, speciality near the new bypass stretch and in the close vicinity of the Technopark. Whether you are planning to rent an apartment or you are the owner who is willing to rent out the apartment, there are certain things that both of you need to be careful about. VFive Homes, a trusted property management solution provider in Trivandrum puts forth some renting tips for first times, for both owners and seekers,



  1. Location:
    Location is one of the prime factors when you look for an apartment in Trivandrum. Whether you are a student or an office goer you need a place to stay which is located in proximity to your needs. When the apartment is located in the vantage points of the city, then you can easily travel to every nook and corner of the city without much difficulty. Thus it is important to look for an apartment that is nearest to your place of work/study.
  • Budget
    Monthly rent is something you can’t adjust about. You need to pay the monthly rent on time to avoid unpleasant situations with the owner. Keep in mind that the rent is a recurring cost – something that you need to pay every month. So it is better to keep things within your means. There are some house owners who might ask you to pay 3 months rent as a down payment before you move into the house.
  • Documentation
    Read through the document carefully before signing. Make sure that the rent amount and the duration of your stay are clearly mentioned in the document. If there is any text that you do not understand or is in contrary to what was told to you then you need to clarify the same. Have a discussion with the homeowner on this. Make your documentation process transparent and hassle free.


  • As a homeowner, you need to be very careful about the person to whom you are renting out your apartment. Ask for ID proof and other documents so that you can carry out a thorough background investigation on the person before renting your apartment to him.
  • When you are quoting the amount for rent make sure that it is as per the market rates. Don’t make hefty monthly rent, calculate the rent according to the facilities and commutability to the city.
  • Make sure that everything is clearly mentioned in the document right from the beginning. This will help you to avoid any kind of hassle with the renter in the long run.


Keep the above-mentioned factors in mind if you really want to make a benefit out of the apartment that you are renting or the apartment that you wish to rent. V Five Homes has delivered some of the best apartments in Trivandrum. Many occupant have purchased flats over the trust they keep on the builders in Trivandrum. Many of them are put on rent by the owners seeing it as an investment opportunity.

V Five Homes Deepam apartments in Vattiyoorkavu is a polished apartment complex with the best amenities and peaceful environment. The apartment is close to educational institutions like Saraswathi Vidyalaya, Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan, Central Polytechnic College. The presence of these educational institutions nearby make the locations one of the most highly sought after in Trivandrum. The place is ideal for families as its one of the best residential places in Trivandrum. You can check with owners at the apartment if any of space is up for rent.