Understanding Apartment Owners Association.

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April 9, 2021
Why do you need to be active in the Apartment Owners Association?
April 9, 2021

Understanding Apartment Owners Association.


Apartment owners Association helps to maintain your community living more enjoyable and peaceful. Some of the best apartments in Trivandrum are known for their active Apartment Owners Association.

Forming and running an association is an essential part of community living. Apartment Owners association helps to maintain morale through a certain set of rules and principles compiled with the help of community members. Trivandrum is one of the finest destinations for apartment living and settling down life. The apartment life in Trivandrum is filled with joy and peace which is largely due to the well running of various Apartment owners Association.

These Associations help to maintain order, clean and neighbor friendly communities and also conduct timely meetings and awareness programs. Their sole responsibility is in providing a safe and secure living for all the occupants. They can either be legally registered or not, but if they are then they have all legal authority to take actions against any matter that disturbs the harmony of the community.

Working on a hierarchical structure, an association works successfully only when every member is obligated to complete their responsibilities well and good. Vfive Homes, one of finest builders in Trivandrum claims to have some of the best apartment owners associations in Trivandrum, explains role descriptions, rights and responsibilities of the association.

The Member

Role: Every owner in the apartment complex is a member of the Association. In joint ownership, the first person named in the title document is typically the member. Members of the association are solely for the apartment owner.

Duties: To follow the laws put forth by the association and to attend every scheduled general body meeting. 

Rights: Every member has the right to vote in the elections carried out at the Annual General Body Meeting or at any other official meeting. The number of votes shall be in proportion to the number of apartments owned by every member. The member has a right to authorize a proxy to vote in his absence. And every member can request account details from the management committee if informed sufficiently beforehand.

The Associate Member

Any person residing legally in an apartment owned by a member of the association becomes an associate member. The Associate member needs to pay maintenance charges to use common facilities, but does not have the right to vote, unless authorized by the owner of the flat in writing.

The General Body

Role: As usual, the General Body has the highest authority and formed by all the members of the association.

Rights: The General body has the right to amend, alter or add by-laws with the consent of at least 13 voting members of the GB and its decision is binding on all the members.

The Management Committee

The Managing Committee is the face of the apartment, a board of members elected from the General Body represent the association in all official as well as non official matters. The annual general body meeting checks the efficiency of the board every year. The MC is typically composed of a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer (together known as the Executive Committee) and 8 other members.

Duties: Involves maintaining the functionalities of the club, gym and other amenities in the apartment. Allot responsibilities to various members and employees regarding daily activities in the apartment. The committee should encourage cross-cultural integration and should respect everyone’s religion, race and beliefs. Ensure that the income received by the association is evenly distributed in promoting the objectives of the association and is not put to any personal use. Keep all the original documents of the land and apartment safe with the committee.

Structure of Managing Committee.

President: The president has all powers over the association. The president can sue with the consent of the general body or defend any legal action against the association. All legal proceedings are instituted, continued, signed or defended by the president.In the absence of the president, the committee may authorize the secretary or the treasurer to sign all such documents, papers etc for and on behalf of the association.

Secretary: The secretary is responsible for the executive administration of the association, subject to the control of the committee.

Treasurer: The treasure has complete custody of all properties of the association including the funds. He/she is empowered to operate the bank accounts of the association jointly, with president, or secretary. The treasurer needs to make sure that all are held together with trust and goodwill. 

VFive Homes has various categories of apartments in Trivandrum serving different clients from across the state and country. Each community has their own association and has been applauded and recognized many times for creating active communities in Trivandrum.