Why do you need to be active in the Apartment Owners Association?

Understanding Apartment Owners Association.
April 9, 2021
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December 1, 2021

Why do you need to be active in the Apartment Owners Association?


Ever wondered why you need an Apartment Owners Association at your apartment? Read and know how VFive homes, builders of 3BHK/2BHK apartments in Trivandrum explains why an owner needs to be an active member of the association.

When living in a community, it is essential to have a code of conduct for every occupant in the apartment. People are sceptical regarding joining an Association as they fear unnecessary obligations and responsibilities in an already hectic life. But being active in the Apartment Owners Association has its own advantages and VFive Homes, a trusted builder in Trivandrum has been finding Apartment owners association helping in creating a better living community.

Authority of You, as a Member

Owning a home is also owning personal peace. Living in a community, there might be several disputes that need to be settled with the help of an association without taking it to court. Members in the community can actively take part in resolution methods and find ways of finding amicable solutions. The following are the powers of the apartment owner’s association under various circumstances:

  1. Recovering additional fee: Often there is a small amount added to your monthly expense known as a maintenance fee.   What is the maintenance fee? The cost of maintenance of facilities and services enjoyed by the residents during their tenure is known as the maintenance fee. Builders usually allow the owners to choose a nominal fee. In the event of default by any member, the association has the right to charge interest and penalty from the defaulter, and the power to recover this amount. The apartment owners association has the right to sue defaulting members and initiate legal proceedings for recovery of any outstanding payments but it cannot terminate any facility enjoyed by the owner.
  2. Legal Action and its ease proceedings: The association is obligated to protect the rights and interest of the owners, the members of the association. If any member is found to be a defaulter, a nuisance for others, or involved in any activity that isn’t encouraged by the majority, should face consequences brought out by the association. The association also has the right to take legal action against members held guilty of any offence.
  3. To appeal against Builders: A trusted builders in VFive Homes encourages apartment owners association and also the association has the power to sue builders if the deal is found to be manipulative,  poor construction, by not responding to their queries or grievances and even failing to deliver projects as promised.

They even have the power to lodge a police case and file a criminal case against the builder.

Lately,  several apartment owners associations have been found to be lazy and inactive. They fail to work with the expectations of the occupants. When issues are raised, the association needs to address the issue at the earliest and call for a General body meeting. In situations where the association fails to take action against such a complaint, members can approach the court to seek relief for their grievances.

At levels of extreme ignorance of the issue, the members can seek help from the registrar who has the right to cancel the registration of the apartment owners association. If you are planning to buy a 3BHK/2BHK apartment in Trivandrum, you need to check for the apartment association and their level of cooperation and work. Buying apartments from VFive Homes in Trivandrum, the owners of the apartment make sure that their committee is wisely elected.