What’s the ideal age for purchasing a home?

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December 1, 2020
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December 22, 2020

What’s the ideal age for purchasing a home?

Is there an ideal age for purchasing your own home? Maybe there is, depending upon various parameters you are surrounded with. Finding an ideal apartment in trivandrum that provides luxury, comfort and convenience is a tedious task.

Buying a home is a must-dos and a measure of life’s evaluative parameter for most Indians.Sooner or later people want to find their own home and make a rent-free life.  Indian economy is growing and young people joining the workforce in multinational companies are on the rise. This has led to early investment and people in their late 20’s are planning to purchase their dream apartment in Trivandrum. So, what is the ideal age for one to buy an own home is still a grey area in discussions.

Dinoop Krishnan, a 30 year old NRI is looking for an apartment in Trivandrum. He comes from a well settled business class family from Kochi. “Kochi isn’t an option any more. The city has become almost saturated compared to Trivandrum. Trivandrum is growing and I plan to settle here after a few years. After all, being an NRI doesn’t make much difference if it’s Kochi or Trivandrum. I am buying the house without any aid from my family. Working in a trusted company and having a decent savings was my privilege while looking for a home in Trivandrum. I had talked with a few builders, especially the ones concentrated in Trivandrum and found that buying a home is actually affordable and you can have your own home without much hazzles. VFive homes have invited me for a site visit which I will be doing soon”

“It was a quick decision, but I don’t have a penny of regret. I could buy a home when I was able”, adds Jithin George, a Bangalore based design engineer who has purchased an luxury apartment in Trivandrum. “I can easily pay my monthly EMI with my current salary. Students are offered great pay by recruiting companies, so by the time you are in your early 30’s one can actually look for a home”, he adds.


VFive homes in Trivandrum is one of the trusted builders in Trivandrum who have built some of the most elegant living spaces in the city. They have been observing the trend and have come out with these inferences. So, what’s the right age to buy your first home?

  1. Around 30 years of age
    Make sure that you can pay a decent amount to pay the monthly EMIs. Make provisions for the payment in case you fear a financial crunch.  Be careful while calculating the loan amount because you shouldn’t hinder your savings account. Ideally, you can spend 30% of your salary for monthly EMI. If you are single at the time of purchasing property, buy life insurance worth 1.25 times your home loan. Raise that to twice the worth of your home loan, if married.
  2. Between 30-35 years
    We would say, this age group is the most ideal for buying a luxury home in Trivandrum At this age, people experience a steady increase in their income and become financially stable. They become financially literate and know how to operate life with money. They are able to pay EMIs alone or jointly with the life partner. Consider building a contingency fund that covers expenses of at least 6 months.
  3. After 40 years
    After 40s, one has enough savings and better payment capacity but needs to keep in mind their retirement age and how they are planning to spend their retirement life. Banks normally sanction home loans with a maximum of 15 years of tenure.


Irrespective of all these, we would say, you can follow your heart’s desire to buy a home can be executed if you have a strong hold on the finance. At the end of the plan, financial security is something most needed to survive in these current times.

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