Avoidable mistakes for first time home buyers

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February 15, 2021
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February 15, 2021

Avoidable mistakes for first time home buyers

As a first time home buyer, you are prone to make mistakes out of misinformation or due to lack of knowledge. Real estate business is tedious and involves too much documentation. If you are buying luxury apartments in Trivandrum near Kazhakuttom, check this article first,


Buying a house is a big decision and for Indians, it’s a mixture of very serious emotions. It’s quite overwhelming as well as the tedious process of finding the first permanent house. The chances of committing a mistake or taking a wrong choice are always around the corner and therefore needs to be very serious in each step of the process. It’s probably going to be the biggest money-related exchange you will ever make, we’ve discovered that many home purchasers are poorly prepared to ensure they make the right choice. It’s not their fault! With many real estate brokers and sellers around, it’s difficult to light the lamp without getting the pockets burnt.


While buying a property, a small and silly mistake can cost you a lot and turn out to be a blunder. To avoid purchasing a home that you may regret in the years to come, it’s fundamental that you make a wise choice. V Five Homes, one of the leading builders in Trivandrum helps you to understand some of the basic mistakes you may commit and how you can understand them before stepping in. If you want to Buy Luxury Apartments in Trivandrum, this article can be your first guidance page:

  1. Research about the property
    Proper research about apartments and their builders can save you with respect to time and money. Do heaps of research to discover the most ideal apartment in Trivandrum. Neighbours can guide you and help you save cash in an extraordinary conceivable manner by directing you through trust contacts. They can enlighten you concerning their oversights and what they did to defeat it and they can brief you about the most widely recognized issues which happen around there. Also, the most significant benefit is that they can introduce you with the location, so you can locate the least expensive, but an idol apartment for your family.
  2. Savings and Balance
    First time home purchasers move rapidly with their choice without totally checking out their budgetary circumstance. Once you have enough data regarding your builder and apartment, the next thing to be taken into consideration in the budget. Numerous speculators, especially While putting resources into a property, there are a few extra costs that numerous individuals will in general neglect including painting and looking after costs, outfitting and month to month living consumption. In addition, you need to pay your home maintenance charges, loan and property tax and duties.
  3. Choosing the right apartment in Trivandrum
    The idea of investing in a property is that we are almost sure about the profit it returns. To grow this idea, one needs to find the most appropriate commercial or living space from the vast options available.  Continuously put resources into a property that will stay popular. One approach to guarantee this is by searching for properties in a prime area with the supreme quality of development and world-class amenities and conveniences. The V Five Homes, Amruta Technology is a prime example of such a project. Located close to the most happening and developing place in Trivandrum.
  4. Check Reality.
    A property can conquer your heart and makes you emotional. You jump into conclusions without thinking ahead. Purchasing a fancy property is normal, yet overlooking everything can move toward stupidity. Young people pick extravagance estates or bungalows which they adore only to end up in financial crisis. Always think of your financial limits or you might end up spending more on the property.

Amrita, Technocity

VFive Homes presents 3-2BHK apartments in Trivandrum. Located close to Nissan Digital Hub, Technocity, Kazhakoottam, the apartment offers a life you can effortlessly move on. Spread from 780-1065 SQ FT, every apartment is spacious enough for a family to live. Kazhakoottam, although located in the outskirts, is close to the Bypass where the greatest development is taking place in the state of Kerala, and you can get almost anything from there.

Project is on-going and is getting completed on schedule. You can check the work-progress at .